Thabo is a perfectionist at heart and, as such, believes the devil is in the details. Fixated on progress, Thabo is a risk-taker whose flexibility and willingness to bet on himself have paid off countless times over.

Getting his start as an agriculturalist working in horticultural produce export, research and sustainable development projects, Thabo made a lateral shift to the eventing and hospitality industry and now, over a decade later, it remains one of the best decisions he’s ever made! Thabo took a leap of faith in partnering with what was then a boutique events planning company nestled in the heart of the Stellenbosch Winelands. He has since played an integral role in the exponential growth of that small business into what has become The Aleit Group of today.

One of Thabo’s crowning achievements is the establishment of the Johannesburg office, founded by himself at the personal cost of his scenic winelands and coastal lifestyle. He has since learnt to love the fast-paced Jozie city life, and enjoys a good glass of wine and unwinding in his urban playground over the weekends. A fragrance enthusiast and aspirant timepiece collector, Thabo is a metropolitan man who enjoys experimenting with and experiencing the latest technological gizmos.


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